VENAVER's History

In 2007, Jose Manuel Pena Diaz, founder of Venaver, believed that the real estate industry had lagged behind in technology and sales systems to support real estate agents in their day-to-day business needs. Jose Manuel began to build and sell his own houses, seeing a high value in the commercialization of properties and assets of Investment Funds.
Jose Manuel wanted to combine traditional real estate concepts with innovation and a different technological approach.
His vision was to use technologies that support systems and services to make both the agent and the agency a success. With this formula we would have long-term growth and stability for the agency and it would guarantee the success of the agent. We are currently in three cities, offering a quality service to all our clients, the main value of our company.


Our systems minimize work to make life easier for agents and agencies.
At Venaver, we pride ourselves on optimizing our technologies to make them available to our customers!
You are taking the time to get it right no matter how big or small the task, so our agents and agencies have time to provide the best services available to their clients.

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We consider that life and family "people", the most important.
We believe that our Associate Agents should be part of our success.



Our purpose is to promote ethical and professional behavior.
Our philosophy and values ​​based mainly on the personal growth of its agents and on ethical values ​​when working with its clients, Venaver's philosophy to achieve maximum professional success.

Our offices

Red Venaver
Avenida Buenos Aires 17 Bajo
32004 – Ourense

988 375 552 - 603 831 111